Our Staff

At Solace Hospice we make it a point to hire individuals who not only meet high professional standards, but who are also gentle and compassionate. They all have special training for working with the seriously ill and understand that our care extends beyond the client to his or her family members as well.

Caring for the seriously ill involves more than just the physical aspect. We recognize that this is a time of deep emotional and spiritual significance for everyone involved. Therefore, we work as a team, with a medical staff, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers. Everyone contributes their expertise so we can deliver a plan of care that is responsive to the needs of each individual and his or her family.


Thomas Fedzin

Solace Hospice was founded in 2015. The founder of the company believed that hospice care had changed over the years and that the industry needed a shake up. The founder went through hospice first hand on a few different occasions, and that fueled his passion for the industry.  I have had years of healthcare experience, as I have owned multiple residential assisted living facilities.  My mission is to serve and provide exceptional care for the elderly at end of life. I have had the honor of caring and serving the elderly since 1999. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many different hospice organizations and I observed what was missing in hospice care.

Solace Hospice was started with the intention of being different by bringing excellence in care to the patients, families and the community we serve. Our team is a carefully selected team of healthcare professionals with a passion for end of life care. Our team has a sense of mission to bring love, comfort, and relief to families and to treat patients with dignity, compassion and love with complete competence. We believe our patients deserve the best possible care. Solace hospice is about making every moment count.                                                                                         

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Medical Director

Dr. Smita Patil

I am a board certified internist practicing in Phoenix, Arizona. Working as an internist for close to a decade, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of good transition to end of life care. It was this that propelled me to get involved with hospice care. Being part of hospice allows me to continue a broad spectrum of medicine that I desire to practice. I try to ensure along with our team that near the end of life, our patients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

Hospice patients can remain under the care of their primary physician, if they desire and if the physician agrees to follow the patients’ care.  If the primary care physician does not follow the patients’ care our medical director will take over the care of the patient.

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Our Executive Director

Linda Stoenner, BSN, RN

I became a nurse late in life and knew I would always work in hospice, as hospice is where I felt called. Hospice has touched my life personally and professionally in profound ways. Solace Hospice has built and is continuing to build a competent and compassionate team of professionals that have all been called to serve in end of life care.  Our team may have come to serve in hospice for various reasons but all for the same goal, to educate, support, and care for the patients and families at end of life. We take seriously our responsibility of caring for the patients and families that we are entrusted with.  Our hearts and minds are open to the needs of our patients and families so that we can bring about the best possible journey at the end of life.

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Director of Business Development

Jesse Watson

I have over 20 years of education and speaking experience with a personal focus on redefining hospice education. My passion for hospice came with the passing of my grandmother where I was able to see first hand just how beneficial this wonderful end of life care model was so valuable. My goal is to educate our community that hospice is a time of celebrating life. I believe Solace Hospice is the model for quality, compassionate care for people facing a life limiting illness.  I take great joy in helping families and their terminally ill loved ones feel comfortable with the end of life process whether that is educating, sitting and sharing memories, making wishes happen or simply praying with them. My hope each day is to be purposeful in making a difference in someones’s life by bringing positivity and encouragements: leaving each person better than when I found them.

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Director of Clinical Services

Deborah Arnaugh, BSN, RN

I have been a nurse for 11 years and have worked in the ICU of multiple hospitals for the first three years of my career. I had the honor of being asked to work in a hospice unit while living in Colorado. Little did I know how much that night would change my life and my passion. Hospice is not about the dying, but about how to help those with a life limiting illness, live. It is about comfort, compassion, listening, caring, and being present. Hospice is a calling not a job and I have been lucky to be a part of hospice for the last eight years. I have lived with hospice in my own family and know what I expect from those I work with. Hospice is heart. I strive to give my heart every day to every patient and family member. Solace Hospice has the heart and the knowledge to be given to our patients and families.

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Office Manager/Intake Coordinator

GayLynne Stearnes, LPN

I have been in the medical field for over 20 years. My true love and passion is our elderly population. The elderly have so much to give and have given so much to me. Hospice is my calling and a blessing. Hospice has given me the privilege to help patients during their final journey. I feel it is an honor to be chosen by families to let me into their lives to help care for their loved one in their final days.

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Our Nurses

Every patient receives 2 home visits per week from a nurse, unless patient, family and/or caregiver request otherwise. Our nurses develop close relationships with patients and families and work with the physician to bring about the best possible outcomes for our patients. They learn about your concerns and are quick to respond to questions and symptoms. We also have a nurse on call by telephone 24 hours a day to address from an emergencies or a simple question.

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Our Certified Nurses Aides

There’s nothing like a bath or shower to boost one’s sense of wellbeing! Our nurses’ aides come to the home and even if your loved one is unable to leave the bed, they will give him or her a sponge bath, shampoo, shave, help with makeup, put on fresh clothes, change the sheets, etc. Their cheerful presence often provides relief for family caregivers as well as for the patient.

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Our Social Worker

Part of our team approach includes the services of a licensed social worker. Social workers are especially knowledgeable about insurance, financial aid programs, and other community services that can prove invaluable when caring for a seriously ill family member. In addition, they have training to help you, your loved one, or other family members cope with difficult emotional issues that often come up in the context of serious illness.

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Our Chaplain

Many people experience a crisis of faith during the course of a serious illness. Even family members find themselves facing tough ethical and spiritual questions. Our chaplain is especially skilled at helping people look within and find their own answers. Chaplains do not push any one religion. They simply have experience helping people find their own sense of meaning and purpose in a situation that may bring up strong feelings and challenge deeply held beliefs.

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Our Volunteers

Our hospice is blessed with kind and caring members of the community who have participated in our volunteer training program. Frequently they have cared for a seriously ill friend or relative, so they know what you are going through. They can offer a sympathetic ear, lend a hand with daily tasks, and provide an opportunity for the person you care for to visit with someone new. Many of our volunteers are trained in the art of life reminiscence. Patients often find it helpful to reflect upon their past and acknowledge achievements and perhaps even regrets. Talking with a virtual stranger, someone who has no history with the patient’s family and without judgment, can be a very meaningful experience. Even if the patient spends all of his or her time sleeping, a volunteer affords family caregivers a few hours to get out of the house and take a much needed break.

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