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Solace is committed to education being it with our patients, families, or communities. We are dedicated to sharing our expertise and experience regarding end of life care. The speaker bureau can educate on pain management, medications, and coping with grief and loss plus a host of other topics.

If you belong to a group or network that would benefit from a presentation on any end of life topics please give Solace a call at 602-888-7037 and we would be happy to tailor a presentation to fit the needs of your members.

Featured Speakers

Linda Stoenner, BSN, RN

Executive Director, Solace Hospice

Linda has been in the hospice field for 8 years as a Nurse Case Manager and Executive. Linda has a passion for nursing education and end of life care. Linda can speak on several topics including “Hospice Facts and Myths”, “Hospice Care from a Caregiver Perspective”, and “The Use of “Medications at End of Life”, including pain management. Linda has a heart for hospice care and feels called to educate on the “Original Hospice Philosophy”.


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Jesse Watson, Director of Business Development and Community Education

Jesse is  dynamic communicator using passion, humor, and transparency to reach audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Jesse engages in story-telling to educate and people and spur them to action.  His passion is to educate community groups about the wonderful and necessary care Hospice provides and helps to ‘lift the curtain’ for those having difficulty embracing end of life care. Topics include: “Choosing Hospice”, “Hospice Services and Hospice Interdisciplinary Team”, “Dealing with approaching Death”, and “The Hospice Patient and Family’s Role as Part of the Team”. Jesse has a background in ministry and a heart for connecting with people.

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Reverend Rex Reeves, Chaplin and volunteer Coordinator

Rex has eight years of hospice and thirty nine years of ministry experience. Rex can speak on a variety of topics from our “Honoring Veterans Program”, to  “The Joys of Volunteering”, “Spiritual Issues at the End of Life”, “Travels in the Holy Land”, and “Reaching the Heart through Music and Media”.  Rex will speak to groups of any size and welcomes questions.

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