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Many people in Phoenix ask us, “What is hospice?”
As you care for your seriously ill loved one, do you ever wish you had a medical team easily available to answer your caregiving questions? That’s what hospice care is, and more.

  • Home visits from a nurse to help manage difficult symptoms
  • A certified nursing assistant to help with bathing and grooming
  • Medical equipment and some prescriptions to help with comfort care
  • A team of professionals to provide emotional and spiritual support

No cost
Do not let concern about finances keep you from these services! Payment for hospice is covered 100% by Medicare and Medicaid. There is no charge to the patient or family. Hospice is frequently covered 100% by private insurance as well. No one will be denied hospice care because of an inability to pay.

Hospice care means staying comfortable
Our goal at hospice is to make each day the best day it can be for persons with incurable conditions. We add life to days by focusing on comfort care. This allows your loved one to be free from pain and spend time doing those things that give them the most joy. With an emphasis on quality of life, our team of hospice care professionals comes to the home to assist you with medical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

You are part of the team
At Solace Hospice, families are an active member of the care team. You have day-to-day insights that are invaluable for keeping your loved one comfortable. We develop the plan of care in partnership with you. We make recommendations for your loved one based on what we think they need. But we also incorporate your suggestions, including your needs and what you think will work given family resources and capabilities.

What is hospice care?

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Home visits

Home is where your loved one lives
No matter where your loved one lives, members of our team can come to the bedside. Including skilled nursing facilities or care homes. That’s hospice care at home.

Nurse visits
A nurse will visit based on your individualized care plan. The nurse can answer questions. They may recommend changes in medication. As your case manager, the nurse can also order equipment or supplies.

Other professionals
There are other members of our team who may come to the home:

  • nurse aides
  • a medical social worker
  • a nondenominational chaplain

These professionals offer important advice and support to patients. They also are available to support family and friends who are providing day-to-day care.

We even have specially trained hospice care volunteers. They can stay and visit with the patient for a few hours each week so family caregivers can get some respite and take a much-needed break such as going to the grocery store or a medical appointment for themselves.

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Management of difficult symptoms

Our team at Solace Hospice is trained to relieve pain and discomfort.

The definition of “pain” is very broad in hospice. It may include physical, emotional, and spiritual distress.

As a result, our team is holistic in its approach.

  • Medical options. For many patients the best remedy is medication. If so, we will ask the doctor for a prescription. The Solace team will work with the physician to manage your pain symptoms.
  • Nonmedical approaches. Many times the problem can best be fixed by changing sleeping position or modifying diet. Other times the healing happens by talking through an emotional issue. Or gaining clarity about a difficult family concern.
  • Equipment and supplies. If medical equipment is required to keep your loved one comfortable, it can be ordered. Oxygen for shortness of breath. A hospital bed for safety and ease of care. Prescriptions related to the diagnosis as well as comfort medication. These services at provided at no charge to the patient.
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Keeping your loved one clean

Everyone feels better after a bath or shower. Shampooed hair, a good shave and a little makeup can do wonders for self-esteem! Our certified nursing assistants come to the home regularly to provide a bath or shower, change the sheets, and help your loved one stay clean and fresh.

As the person you care for spends more time in bed and is less able to walk, our certified nursing assistants become even more of a blessing. They are skilled at delivering “bed baths” in a way that provides for dignity and cleanliness without risking a hazardous walk to the bathroom.

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Emotional and spiritual support

Serious illness brings up many difficult questions and feelings. As we face the possibility of dying, we all have fears, worries, and concerns. At Solace Hospice, our hospice care team has received special training to help patients and families address these issues. We even have social workers and chaplains on the team. They can meet with you, your loved one, or even with the entire family. Their goal is to help everyone come to a better understanding of how to meet each other’s needs with grace and love.

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Help for family caregivers

You have known your loved one for years. During this stage of your journey together, you are likely very intimate with their needs and preferences. You notice changes and provide valuable insights.

You are a critical member of the care team.

But you have needs too. At hospice, we want to be sure that you do not get too worn down, or even injured, in the process of caring for your relative.

In that light, hospice care helps you by providing:

  • A certified nursing assistant.
  • A trained hospice volunteer.
  • Educational support from our nurses and from our online library for family caregivers
  • Coordination of other community programs you may be eligible for
  • Up to five days of respite care.
  • 24/7 access to medical advice and assistance
  • Emotional and spiritual support

Learn more about our family caregiver support services

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