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the seriously ill
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Your local experts in family caregiving and serious illness
Serving Maricopa County since 2015

Ray S.
I can’t say enough about Solace Hospice. The level of care and attention to personal detail is so much higher than the other hospice company I dealt with. My family recently experienced the loss of our mother followed by our father in fairly close succession. All I can say is thank you Solace and I wish I had discovered you sooner. My mom’s passing was handled by another company. I can tell you they are not the same. Solace operates with a premium degree of care and compassion during such a difficult time
Enea L.
I cannot thank Solace Hospice enough for the amount of love and support they have provided my family with during this hard time. They were attentive, caring, informative and overall extremely experienced in this field.A special thanks to Maggie, Bevery, Katie, Janet, Diana, (just a few of the many) for the help you provided.Thank you all so much!!!Enea
Ionel C.
I work with Solace Hospice and they are fantastic. Costel Roman from Solace Hospice is very professional, high ethics and integrity, and also he is respected and well known by the health community in Arizona. Simply put, it's a pleasure to work with Costel - I strongly recommend him!

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How We Can Help

  • Home visits with a nurse
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Emotional-spiritual support
  • Help for family caregivers


  • Managing pain and other symptoms
  • Coordination of services
  • Educational resources
  • 24/7 telephone support


Join our Staff

For a career you can love with a team full of heart.
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Give the gift of service to help families during this very tender life passage.

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For Patients and Families

As the local experts in family caregiving and serious illness, Solace Hospice is committed to supporting the patient and the family. With our caring staff and deep commitment to education —check out our resources for families—it’s no surprise that we have 5-star Google reviews.


For Health Care Providers


Tired of slow response times? Solace Hospice has a track record of responding within the hour—if not sooner.  We welcome physician participation in the development of the care plan and adjust our communication patterns to fit your preference. We also provide educational materials to help the families of your seriously ill patients.

For Skilled Nursing Facilities

Let us support your staff, your residents and their families with expertise in end-of-life care and comfort measures. We coordinate with your current caregivers and are happy to provide educational assistance.


For Potential Employees

Ready to work with a team committed to compassionate care for patients and families? We understand that hospice is a “calling” and take great pride in the dedication and experience of our staff.

For those providing support

Resources for families of the seriously ill

Managing Difficult Symptoms

From managing pain to nausea, constipation, depression and anxiety

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Emotional-Spiritual Issues

Finding the balance between grief and hope. Coming to terms with spirituality and family discord

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Living with Serious Illness

Day-to-day tips and insights for living well with cancer, chf, copd and dementia

Read More »

Medical Concerns

Caregiving tips for addressing intimate care needs as well as support for the last few days

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Important Decisions

Guidance for critical conversations about quality of life and desired treatments

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Too many pills: When less is more

Too many pills: When less is more

More than half of older adults take five or more medications per day. That’s “polypharmacy,” and can be dangerous. Taking too many medicines can cause problems such as dizziness, mental confusion, and heart failure. It can create an increased risk of falls, which often lead to the end of independent living. An estimated 10% to 30% of older adult hospitalizations are due to medication problems.

Managing emotional outbursts

Managing emotional outbursts

If the person you care for has Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, you may find their sudden emotional swings more difficult than their forgetfulness. Among many things, the disease has taken away their inhibitions. They can become quite irrational. And they are more likely to make a scene in public than they ever would have before their dementia. Family members mention embarrassment as one of the most difficult aspects of caring for their relative.

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