Difficult Symptoms

From managing pain to nausea, constipation, depression and anxiety



Finding the balance between grief and hope. Coming to terms with spirituality and family discord


Living with Serious Illness

Day-to-day tips and insights for living well with cancer, chf, copd and dementia


Medical Concerns

Caregiving tips for addressing intimate care needs as well as support for the last few days


Important Decisions

Guidance for critical conversations about quality of life and desired treatments


Our Monthly Newsletter

Caregiver loss: How well are you coping?

As a family caregiver, you are likely experiencing many types of loss, each triggering normal, if uncomfortable,…

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The ability to make health care decisions

The right to choose for oneself is deeply embedded in our culture. It is one of those…

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Nail care

Nails are important because they protect the delicate tips of our fingers and toes. They are much…

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